Chip Becker is the president and publisher of the Performing Arts Programs, Inc. (PAPI)

Before PAPI, he worked with Lifestyle Publications where he published apartment location magazines for two major markets [Austin and San Antonio].  Becker’s sales experience includes his position as a Sales Manager for WMI, developing relationships with both industrial and residential services.  He also worked with multiple media companies and publications as a consultant at Becker Media Group.

This extensive background in both sales and publishing helped prepare him for his current role at PAPI. As president, Becker is always looking for ways to help PAPI evolve to better serve both the arts community and its supporters.

Performing Arts Programs Inc (PAPI) has been publishing programs for all of Austin’s performing arts organizations for more than two decades.  Since its founding in 1990, PAPI has provided hundreds of thousands of arts patrons annually with programs that include “playbill” content for each and every performance.

Through its highly selective advertising strategy, PAPI is a key venue for local and national businesses that want to target an affluent, upwardly mobile, technologically savvy demographic of the Austin market.

For more information on advertising with PAPI visit our Program Advertising Page